Thoracic Organ Transplant and Cardioplegia Solution

Developed by one of the UK’s leading organ transplant teams led by Prof Peter Lodge, LS-T™ is an enhanced organ preservation solution for the preservation of hearts, lungs and as a cardioplegia solution. The solution was developed from first principles, following on from the positive work on LS-A.

Heart preservation is really difficult so many organs cannot be used. The observations we have made suggest LS-T™ could revolutionise heart transplantation.

The OPSL team has used its extensive knowledge of physiology, pharmacology and its leading position in clinical transplantation to adapt LS-A to work for heart preservation, creating a completely tailored formulation: LS-T.


LS-T has also been developed for cardioplegia in open heart surgery.


For experiments involving the heart, physiological measurements are as important as biochemical measurements. The company’s heart-lung preservation work will undergo clinical trials in 2024. Recent results using a working heart model show impressive efficacy.

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The shifting demographic toward an older population creates increased pressure on healthcare systems, as well as several medical product opportunities; "Preparing for an ageing population is integral to the achievement of many of the sustainable development goals” United Nations: World Population Ageing Report 2015, P100 - World Health Organisation 2015


These publications are for medical and research staff.

Corps et al. PBSH: A New Improved Cardiac Preservation Solution in Comparison with Three Clinically Proven Solutions

Publish Year: 2010